Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Farewall Shop Luminoire Haul

Hey guys!

One of my absolute favourite gals, is closing her shop, and because of this I HAD to make some last minute purchases and will probably make some more! I'm so gutted that her shop is closing but I wish her the best in pursuing art instead! So anyway lets get on with this awesome haul...

The first piece I had to buy was this super witchy, pentagram candle holder! It's stunning! It's a little bit bigger than I first thought , but it holds tea light candles perfectly and I couldn't be more happy with it. It even has a really smooth feel to the wood which is just a major perk knowing I won't get a splinter every time I touch it! And at £5.49 it was an absolute bargain!

The second piece I got was the super cute, halloween spider tattoo choker. I absolutely love tattoo chokers and my favourite one broke, so for £1.99 in the sale it was a must have for any witchy jewellery lover.

I then went on to get a halloween pumpkin cord choker, this has unfortunately sold out now! But I thought I'd show it anyway as it is soon cute!

Continuing with the witchy vibes I then went for the pentagram ring, in silver. This is because I don't a actually have any rings with pentagrams on, and I quite liked the fact that this was such a large statement ring, it's really comfy, and the pentagram is curved which makes it such a comfy fit! It's also not awkward on your finger when you bend to write or draw which is a massive perk haha. Fitting named the Ace of pentacles ring, this beauty was only £3.99!

The last little thing I had to have was the silver skull studs earrings! I lose earings all the time and these were super sweet, and gothy that I thought these would be perfect to wear to uni and for £1.49 in the sale they were an absolute steal!

The lovely Vanessa also threw in a little freebie for me which was a super cute dream catcher in red!

Have a little look at their website guys! As it is closing in a month or so there is a 25% discount code "farewall25"

Peace Out!


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