Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Farewall Shop Luminoire Haul

Hey guys!

One of my absolute favourite gals, is closing her shop, and because of this I HAD to make some last minute purchases and will probably make some more! I'm so gutted that her shop is closing but I wish her the best in pursuing art instead! So anyway lets get on with this awesome haul...


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mac Lipstick Review | M.A.C Red \ Smoked Purple |

Hey guys!

In my recent venture to Venice, I managed to snap up some goodies at the airport, a six hour plus flight delay meant for a lot of shopping (haha) I spent a lot of time deciding what to buy and in the end went for M.A.C lipsticks ( it was between lipsticks and Prada Candy) Normally, I don't wear any makeup at all except the odd lipstick, so this was a venture for me haha!

The first shade that I got was Smoked Purple, the shade is quite a dark purple, its a deep plumish colour that has a very goth feel to it, and as I really like dark shades I had to have it. The first thing I learnt about the shade was that it looks a LOT darker on, as it is closer to a dark brownish purple on me. Which wasn't an issue but I find it very hard to apply my lips, it is quite dry and doesn't last as long as my other M.A.C shades and I found myself forever reapplying it when having a coffee etc.

It also made my lips really dry? I think this is because its not very glossy, I believe its a satin/matt finish but even so it was really rough. Although I love the shade to much not wear it!

The second shade I went for was M.A.C Red, it such a nice red, its not too deep but not too dark, and is such a vibrant red but I absolutely loved it. I have previously owned Russian Red which is a darker shade and Lady Danger which is quite a light shade and I would say that M.A.C Red was in the middle.

Unlike the Smoked Purple it has a really glossy application it is so smooth and really matt after application but it doesn't make my lips dry which is great! I also really love the colour.

Only a little review but let me know what you guys think! Plus any shades of MAC you like, I'm really tempted to get Diva or Party Line!


Sunday, November 08, 2015

October Favourites!

Hey guys,
I can't believe how quickly October went... Feels like just last week I was writing my September favourites! But after an amazing month, and really fabulous Halloween here are my October loves. I haven't brought as much as normal this month as I've had to plough all my money in to buying art equipment for University ( like £400 D: ) so lets get started haha!