Saturday, October 03, 2015

September Favourites | Jewellery | Homeware | Clothes

Hey everybody! So over the course of September, I have accumulated a lot of new clothes, shoes, jewellery and homeware due to moving back to University and obviously student loan (hehe) So this may be a very long post, because I do have a lot of favourites!

Goddess Sun Ring -  from Themagicones 
This has to be one of my favourite rings of all times, due to a stock issue, I waited over a month and half for this, which wasn't an issue,  but was sooooo worth the wait. It's such a lovely big statement ring, it's so comfy, and the detail is just amazing, it can be styled with almost anything as well and thats why it has to be one of my favourites, haven't gone a day without wearing it!

My second favourite is a Lush Cosmetics Bath Bomb I purchases, the experimenter, due to some allergies their is a lot of Lush products that I can't use and I was so lucky that this is one I can use because I had been dying to use it since it came out! Luckily I'm not allergic to anything in it and it is stunning. Only downside is that the glitter gave me a very large skin rash.

(photo from newlook)

With autumn fast approaching and University in full swing I also had to buy a lot of new clothes, I take an art degree, so a lot of my clothes get very messy with paints and such. But when looking through the New look sale I found this gem. Its a long metallic ribbed cropped top. For only £4 it was an absolute bargain and sooooo warm.

(photo from motel rocks)

I also made some purchases from Motel Rocks Depop ( please be warned I had one amazing experience and one really awful experience, I know this changes for everyone but be warned the sizes size up small, and I had a large hole in one of my skirts when it arrived)
I purchased this purple thick glittery skirt. Its so thick and warm and considering I'm 5ft10 ish it is actually a reasonable length on me to! I would definitely recommend this product! I purchased it in a Size Medium and it was only £5. 

I also got my new skull from Empty Casket! This was such a stunning piece although a pricey one, and if you haven't checked out Empty casket then you definitely should! It's such amazing craft work and just an amazing piece but I wouldn't ramble on about it as I have recently posted a review on it!



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