Thursday, September 24, 2015

Empty Casket Review

Right now I have such a major addiction to Empty Casket Jewellery and Homeware. In the past I have only made small purchases from them on the odd occasion (mainly because Im poor and a student! haha) But, recently some their items have really caught my item and I have had to lock myself out of Paypal account to stop myself from becoming bankrupt.

The first thing I brought from them was the Dainty Stag ring. I ordered this in July I believe, I wanted the bigger version of the ring but at this point it was sold out and I was unable to have it, so I went with the small ring. Which, even today I absolutely love and will always go to it as my go to ring if I have no jewellery to wear that matches my outfit. It's still stayed very shiny, the ring hasn't bent out of shape ( which I find happens with a lot of sterling silver rings over time). I don't believe this is still available any more, but it is stunning.

With newer purchases, I went straight to the Sterling silver planchette ring. It's so witchy and so different to all of the other rings available on other popular jewellery shops. Another thing I really love about it is that it is available in three sizes, and is a little bit adjustable and this is great because I love to wear all my rings on multiple fingers, and due to drawing and being an artist I have really muscular hands so I normally have to buy three sizes to big to be able to swap them around. I have also worn this everyday since I got it and the only issue i have found with it is that hair or any small thin objects/food can get stuck between the ring band and the planchette gap, also this is not a major issue and for £10 it should be inside every goths jewellery box!

( Photo from Empty Casket)

The next item I brought was the Ghost Candle this super cutie was only £5! I mentioned this in my halloween haul Part one blog post! This candle is something that I think also works amazingly well as a decorative item as well as that of a candle. I have only burnt one of mine a little bit but it burns quite slowly which is great and it is scentless which is fine with me! But I wish it smelt halloweeny too!

My boyfriend also treated me to a few bits from Empty Casket this month! He brought me one of their cute Halloween chokers as I had been telling him for month how much I wanted the skeleton and the pumpkin. Unfortunately the skeleton was out of stock so he purchased me the pumpkin. I was very impressed with the quality of the charm, it is so dainty and for £4 it is absolutely perfect, the clasp works perfectly and it so comfortable! Will definitely be buying the skeleton soon!

(Unfortunately the day I wore the pumpkin for the first time it snapped - Lucy the owner of Empty Casket was so sweet and had another sent to me within days.)

My boyfriend also brought me the Sterling Silver Witch Band  I didn't realise quite how thin the band is, but this wasn't a massive issue as I wear it on my thumb and it fits so perfectly. It also has EC on the inside of the band which I thought was a really nice feature! I don't think I would have personally choose this ring, as I had my eye on the Sterling Silver Luna Ring and The crystal skull ( so pricey but I will be purchasing it on payday!)

The packaging for both of the packages was so beautiful, and you get a free postcard as well as the business and they are so well packed and sent by signed for postage! Which is just great! Just another reason why I will be a loyal Empty Casket purchaser for a long time!

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