Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crystal Skull Review | Empty Casket |

Hey guys! I'd literally had my eye on this beauty for weeks since it was first posted in August on the Empty Casket website, because of the hefty price of £70-75 for a crystal I was put off at first, but as soon as I got paid in September it was the first thing I purchased, and I was not disappointed.

The skull is made out of Labradorite, which is a rally nice crystal, it appear dull until it's hit by light then has a beautiful multiple colour sheer shine. The skull itself has some very nice lines through it and cracks from the natural stone! It has so much character and the skill level of the carving of the stone is stunning and would definitely be an amazing piece for any collector looking to make there collection bigger.

The packaging of the piece like always for an Empty Casket piece was amazing. The postage this time was a little slow, but for such a large heavy package I expected it. The skull was so carefully wrapped up in a ton of Bubble wrap, and was so carefully handled by Royal Mail as well (yay) with the cutest note from Lucy (the owner of Empty casket!)

There is only one of these beauties now available on the website now! So if you're wanting one get it now!

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