Monday, November 18, 2019

Beef Casserole With Schwartz*

AD | Hey lovelies, today I'm going to be sharing with you a recipe, and food that I actually made. Hoorah. As the weather gets colder, we all love a lovely winter warmer esq recipe, and if you ask me beef casserole is a perfect dish for this. I have such fond memories of this meal as child, sitting around the dinner table with my family members why it's cold and probably raining outside, enjoying ever bite, so I'm really happy I finally got a chance to make it myself. I hope you all enjoy reading it.

5 Tips for Writing the Best Personal Statement

AD| When the time comes to start applying to universities, you will need to write a tip-top personal statement. In fact, it’s a vital aspect of the application process in the UK and is an opportunity to show off what makes you special. A prep school and sixth form in Somerset have put together the following list of helpful tips to get you started.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ways To Get In The Festive Mood

Hey lovelies, Christmas content is really in full swing now. I know it's only the 14th of November but I'm going to roll with it. I thought I'd share with you today how'll be getting into the festive mood, if you're in need of more festive content I did recently write 4 Creators To Support This Christmas and Understand And Copying With Grief At Christmas.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

4 Creators To Support This Christmas

Sorry guys, but Christmas posts are fully in swing now. Today I wanted to write something which is also important to me, supporting independent artists and stores this Christmas, as someone who sells prints and paintings the Christmas period is a vital set of extra sales which helps me out so much, and I'd like to help some other peeps out by sharing their great work.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Understanding And Coping With Grief At Christmas

Hey lovelies, today I wanted to talk about something special, something different. I don't regularly talk about grief on this space on the internet, mainly because it's raw and it's new, and until this year wasn't really anything I cared to share with my readers.

I think it has to be said, loss is an awful thing, and Christmas embodies everything that makes grief harder to cope with, in my experience. The loss of a loved one, doesn't go away even with festivities and for some is more hard hitting around the holidays.